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I’m going to explain this today, using a model called the Whirlpool of Grief. I’ll be substituting grief with overwhelm / stress / panic. As you can see, we all start at the top – in the river of life. We’re all going about our daily business, happily floating along until BAM, BOOM – SOMETHING […]


February 22, 2022

Why you can’t just change your eating habits.

will power is not a thing

I’m not your stereotypical health coach. I don’t provide meal plans, or fitness regimes. I don’t tell you what to eat, or which muscle group you should focus on. In fact I don’t do ANYTHING like that. I don’t believe that you can lose weight through diet and exercise alone. EVEN THOUGH THAT’S WHAT EVERYONE […]


February 15, 2022

Getting Healthy, the Hussey Way

will power is not a thing

I am found. I have been watching a LOT of Frozen 2 with my 3.5year old. There is a song in it, called Show Yourself. Elsa has been hearing a calling, and she sets off on an adventure to find out where it’s coming from, and essentially, what the heck it is about. Long story […]


October 14, 2020

Oh my darling, Homeward Bound

THIS MIGHT UPSET SOME PEOPLE I’m going to do it anyway. I’m talking about money. Maybe it’s already sitting a bit uncomfortably with you? I’m running a course about it in a few weeks, and I KNOW that some of you are thinking its a bit uncuth, or rude even to be talking about money […]


September 21, 2020

Money Money Money

Great question. The truthful answer is, I don’t know why you should… I don’t know anything about you! But at a guess, perhaps you’ve heard good things? All I know right now, is that something about it has piqued your interest. Maybe you’re wondering what all the fuss is about? The reason you should try […]


September 10, 2020

Why should I try EFT?

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