Stress Management in the Work Place

Do your employees need an faster and more effective way to combat stress?

Does your employee assistance programme truly meet their needs?

Tired of the same old Wellbeing Workshops?

Introducing a new generation of support;
EFT in the Work Place





• To significantly reduce stress levels within the staff

• To create calm within your team

• To deliver a supportive environment for colleagues to express emotions without judgement 

So many wellbeing workshops deliver support on a surface level.
EFT in the workplace reduces stress, overwhelm and distress on a deeper level - up to 40% reduction in cortisol (the stress hormone) in one hour.*

*Credit to Dr Peta Stapleton

So many people are now openly aware of their stress levels, and the workplace now looks very different to the pre-pandemic landscape. I am so aware of anxieties and worries that are now affecting productivity and morale.

Many companies are struggling to find a solution that really supports their staff, not just a tickbox exercise.

EFT allows people to share AND release emotional distress, in a safe and confidential environment.. The delivery of tapping, creates a safe space for your people to manage their stress & overwhelm. I encourage total anonymity during the session, no-one is expected to share how they feel with the group - instead they share coded answers to questions, which are totally bespoke and personalised to their experience.

 Stress can trigger the flight, or fight response from the amygdala – EFT neutralises this fear response, easing stress or anxieties.

These workshops are a neutral space for people to feel supported. I don't answer any corporate communication or references to the business. I am here just to support individuals and how they are feeling.

 The body’s stress response will be calmed, leaving staff able to think clearly and logically.

• Staff will be taught HOW to use EFT for themselves, reducing the need for ongoing support, and boosting wellbeing.
• Staff productivity will be increased as they are provided with a practical tool to manage when stress or overwhelm rise with uncertain times.
• Performance will be enhanced as the staff develop the skills to improve their working ability, rather than being overwhelmed with anxieties about the changing times.


EFT or Tapping works by changing your neural pathways. It is a true mind-body approach; rapidly changing brain activity.

What could this do for your business?
What could this do to your staff energy levels?
How could this impact productivity?

Contact me to discuss a bespoke workshop for your company,

In five sessions of working with Louisa, I TRIPLED my monthly income and attracted loads more clients. I let go of things that were holding me back, both personally and in my business, and found myself. 
Trust me when I say, Louisa needs to be your new best friend!

Samantha Couzens, Spoonful of Happy

Kind Words

Since working with Louisa, I've finally left my day job to be a full time hypnobirthing instructor. I've been wanting to leave my day job for so long, but I was so scared of failing - and of losing my financial security net! 
But Louisa helped me let go of some of the fear, and replaced it with bravery and confidence.
I am EXCITED for the future now!

Sabrina Taylor
Taylor Made Birth

Kind Words

I just wanted to say this:
After our sessions, for the first time in a VERY long time, I feel like there is hope. 
It is truly a wonderful feeling, I can't thank you enough.

Julia, mum of 3

Kind Words

Module One

recognising what's really going on

What the hell  are you REALLY afraid of . How long have you felt like this?

We'll use powerful visualisation techniques to identify the real stuff, and find out why it's still there.

Step Two


With powerful visualisations and tapping sequences to enable your subconscious to let go of anything you don’t actually need,

Tapping allows you to let go of things holding you back from living the life you deserve,

Step Three


Now that you’ve shifted your mind from the fear, and the negativity – what do we actually want to replace it with? 

Confidence? Bravery? Self love? It’s up to you! 

It's for your workplace if...

*You've exhausted all the traditional wellbeing workshop options

*You want something that will be extremely effective, rather than just lip service to your team's wellbeing.

*You've tried mindfulness, yoga, and meditation and are seeing very little impact on your staff.


I've not done any tapping before, does that matter?

I've not done any tapping before, does that matter?

Absolutely not.
Tapping is really quick and easy to learn, I'll demonstrate it all for you.
Plus you can't really get it wrong, I'm a good teacher!

Some of our staff are struggling with their emotions, and I'm not sure they'll be open to discussing it...

I'm worried about what 'might come out'. What happens if it makes me cry?

I totally understand. Tapping in a group setting is one of the safest ways to approach emotions.
I won't ask anyone to share anything in the group. They won't need to explain anything, talk to anyone in the session. It's totally private, and 100% psychologically safe.

I will do my best to make sure everyone feels comfortable with the group - but at the same time will never force anyone to join in. They can just listen if needs be,

I've tried everything, but I think I'm un-mendable. Will tapping work for me?

I've tried everything, but I think I'm un-mendable. Will tapping work for me?