EFT Essentials

This private bespoke training is for ambitious coaches, holistic & wellness practitioners who want to provide  emotional first aid, and support their clients at a deep subconscious level. 

Do you find..?


Your clients are needing some emotional first aid as well as your support?

that your clients get stuck in their emotions?


I understand. When clients come to you for your support, it can be frustrating to recognise that there is something deeper that's causing resistance to change. And I know it can be exhausting trying to solve an emotional problem with logic.


This private and bespoke training course is for passionate client facing business women who want to help their clients go DEEPER AND protect their own energies at the same time.

Do you suggest strategies or offer support to clients, who for some reason, just don't do it?

There is likely to be some deeper subconscious resistance going on.

Imagine being able to REALLY help your clients (AND YOURSELF) get to the root of their procrastination / resistance AND move through it.

Imagine being able to completely protect yourself from feeling drained, exhausted and overwhelmed when working with client's energies and emotions, leaving you feeling strong and protected.

Imagine being able to use a new technique for yourself to utterly transform your OWN confidence in yourself AND business that you put yourself forward for any exciting opportunity that you want.

  I’m an EFT Master Trainer & Level 3 practitioner.

In EFT Essentials, I teach you the life changing technique of EFT, and how to use it to transform your life, your business AND your client's life and business.

Learning how to use EFT effectively for yourself gives you the incredible protection when working with your clients. As a passion-lead business owner, you're naturally empathetic - you have incredible personal skills and you KNOW you're here to do this beautiful deep, heart lead work.

However I know that this can often be troublesome if you're not able to keep your client's energies and emotions at bay.

Perhaps you find yourself just exhausted after a session.
Do you have a client that just sucks the life out of you? 
 Perhaps some stuff is really triggering for you, and it's hard to stay impartial.

And the biggie, perhaps it is a bit frightening when faced with someone else's huge emotions.

I invite you to train in EFT Essentials and find out just how much EASIER it is when you're confident at dealing with emotions, and are not affected by their energies either.

 Hi, I'm Louisa!!

In five sessions of working with Louisa, I TRIPLED my monthly income and attracted loads more clients. I let go of things that were holding me back, both personally and in my business, and found myself. 
Trust me when I say, Louisa needs to be your new best friend!

Samantha Couzens, Spoonful of Happy

Before my sessions with Louisa, my inner little girl was running the show. I was getting no satisfaction that I craved in my business. I've since comforted my inner child, and stopped her from tantruming that things aren't fair! I'm totally in my power, and so much clarity of thought has come through. This work is so powerful!

Lauren White,
Personal Mentor and Confidante

Kind Words

Emotion & Energy Essentials

The basics. 
What are your emotions telling you.

EFT Essentials - the tapping points, the sequence (full and  shortened versions). Additional points.

The Personal Peace Process.

The Phrase Phenomenon

This is the biggie - what to say when you tap!
I'll teach the phrases & the questions

How to improve your phrasing using tone of voice, intonation, drama and humour.

Identifying what is real.
Tuning into what your body is saying to you.
Listening to your gut, head and heart voices.

When it goes wonky

Safety techniques for when you uncover thoughts / memories that are either big, distressing or uncomfortable.

How to recognise when it's safe to explore and when it's not.

When to ask for help

The Timing Techniques

How to identify for yourself the EXACT and PRECISE moments that tapping will be the most beneficial

Feedback loops - when to start and stop tapping

Identifying your own limiting beliefs and what to do about them


Affirmations for MAXIMUM effect

Using EFT to release your limiting beliefs and reveal the unstoppable version of you, in life, business and everything else

Manifesting and Magic - my favourite section!

It's for you if...

It's not for you if...

• You want to completely protect yourself energetically, so you can be the VERY best version of yourself in your business.

• You want to learn a new, fast and effective tool for deep transformation with your clients (and yourself).

• You keep stumbling across your client's deep rooted limiting beliefs and want to be able to help them at this level, instead of referring them elsewhere.

• You've got plenty of tools in your toolkit and don't want anything else.

• You are NOT interested in anything slightly woo, or alternative

• You don't want to take your clients to the next level of transformation, you're happy to refer your clients when you discover a deep rooted limiting belief.

The Details

(Practitioner Level)




I don't know about you, but I'm sick of group zoom sessions.

Too many 'You're on mute, love'
Too many questions that are irrelevant to you.
Too much wasted time.

My training courses are 1:1 and are bespoke to your needs. So, after a consultation with you, I will design the syllabus that is personalised to what YOU will be using it for.

No blanket 'one size fits all' approach here.

You will also have me in your back pocket between sessions, via a voicenote app called VOXER.

This training can be done in person in Manchester, or via Zoom.

I am an accredited master trainer with the EFT & Mindfulness Centre.

(Personal Use only)




I've not done any tapping before, does that matter?

I've not done any tapping before, does that matter?

Absolutely not.
Tapping is really quick and easy to learn, I'll demonstrate it all for you.
Plus you can't really get it wrong, I'm a good teacher!

I'm worried about what 'might come out'. What happens if it makes my clients cry?

I'm worried about what 'might come out'. What happens if it makes me cry?

I totally understand. Many of my clients do have a little sob, but that's only because it needs to come out. We move really quickly through any tears, and ALWAYS leave you feeling good.
Remember I'll be teaching WHAT to do if you or your clients feel teary or emotional. AND safety techniques to employ if there's something you really don't want to touch.

Is it a bit 'woo'? My work style is quite no-nonsense, will it suit my style?

I've tried everything, but I think I'm un-mendable. Will tapping work for me?