Radiance Coach &
EFT Magician


I'm here to help you unleash your radiance

I'm not a counseller. I'm not a therapist. 
I don't think EFT falls into any 'box' or label like that. But I bet you've already tried the 'conventional' route. I bet you've already had some support.
And tried the other stuff like coaching.
It's a therapeutic technique that has the most magical power to help you wake up in a good mood.

What I am going to do, is explain to you WHY you are the way you are. I'm going to let you figure out EXACTLY what's stopping you from making your own changes. And for you to create the life you've wanted for years. It's going to be lightbulb central! And I can't wait! 

Hi, I'm Louisa

I use a technique called EFT, also known as tapping. By tapping on your face, and talking about how you feel, we can release ALL the stresses, the guilt, shame and furious inner chatter that makes you feel like shit.
I’ll admit it looks a bit strange, at least at first.

Have you ever wondered WHY THE HECK you are actually the way you are? 
No, I mean, REALLY. What the reason is that's propping up your habits, your attitude to certain people, your decisions? 
Together we figure it out.

Your brain runs the show, 95% of the time. That's why you seem to sabotage all your good intentions (anyone else started, and restarted your 'time to get healthy intentions a million times?) 
The work I do, lets us access that part of your brain AND rewire it, so you are able to think differently.

Quite often when we are reacting to certain things, or seemingly unable to 'get past' it, or 'get over it'  we're usually in stress mode, or panic mode and are reacting using the innate archaic fight or flight response. I teach you how to recognise these actions, and stop them dead in their tracks. Sounds good right?! It is!

How does it work?

My work is for the eternally frustrated woman who is READY to get over it, and sort out her life (FOR GOOD THIS TIME), without having to rely on 'will power', or pretending she's fine when she's not.

Who is it for?










The Tapping Points

You were looking for new taps for your bathroom, sorry, this is a different kind of tapping.

You've heard amazing things about tapping

You've realised that willpower is just not a thing, you need something to keep you committed.

You're able to change your habits if you want to.

You KNOW exactly what you need to change, but want help breaking old habits

You’re 100% fine, no issues and are merrily living your life - hooray!

not really, if...

Yes! iF...

Is working with me right for you?

Caroline, Cheshire

After that session, I feel like a whole new person. I am calm, I am centred and for the first time in ages, I can think clearly. I cannot thank you enough.

Vikki, Bradford

I just had to share - yesterday I actually reversed out of the McDonalds drive through! I caught my old familiar thoughts of 'I'll just get small fries' and then said NO! I realised I didn't actually want them, and drove away laughing to myself! Louisa, you are a magician, thank you so much. 

Elsie, Manchester

"I just found a bag of chocolate chips hidden in the kitchen - so typical of me - and I don't want them! These behaviours have taken over my life for so long. I can’t believe how differently I feel now."