You can't think straight.
You forget stuff.
You lose words and can't remember things.
You think you're going crazy.
Your mood swings are wild.
Your periods are all over the place.
And you're absolutely, completely, exhausted.

Welcome - I'm glad you've found me.

You can't avoid the menopause.
But you CAN change the way you experience it.

🌟 Loosen the grip of brain fog, so you can think straight AND explain to others what is happening
🌟Rediscover your libido (this part is FUN!) so it becomes an added bonus, not a pressure or expectation.
🌟Remember who you are, before you lost your confidence.
🌟Wake up with energy and excitement, rather than dragging yourself out of bed feeling ready for the scrap heap.

Sound good? 
Let's get to it.

Hi, I'm Louisa

I use a technique called EFT, also known as tapping. By acknowledging the crappy thoughts, the tough feelings we experience, and airing them, we can release ALL the stresses, the guilt, shame and furious inner chatter that makes you feel like shit during the menopause.

We can't change who you are, but we CAN change HOW you are. We can't avoid the menopause, but by using a blend of tapping, coaching and therapeutic tools, we can ease most, if not all of your symtoms.
Together we figure it out.

Menopausal symptoms actually start in your brain. As you progress through the stages of menopause  it gradually declines to at least 30% of what it was pre-menopause.

“The truth is that your brain might be going through a transition, or is going through a transition, and needs time and support to adjust,”
Dr. Lisa Mosconi, neuroscientist and director of the Women’s Brain Initiative

Quite often when we are reacting to certain things, or seemingly unable to 'get past' it, or 'get over it'  we're usually in stress mode, or panic mode and are reacting using the innate archaic fight or flight response. I teach you how to recognise these actions, and stop them dead in their tracks. Sounds good right?! It is!

How does it work?

My work is for the peri-menopausal woman who has decided she's NOT ready for the scrap heap yet. For the 40 something who REFUSES to accept the 'midlife' woman label and wants to go through the menopause with her hands firmly on the reins.

Who is it for?










The Tapping Points

You're managing your symptoms well by yourself.

You don't want to talk to anyone about what's happening to you.

You are fully aware that the peri-menopause is happening and you want to be in control instead of being at the mercy of your symptoms.

You want a cheerleader in your corner to help you advocate for yourself at the GPs, work or at home.

You want to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed , happy and energised.

You've realised that willpower is just not a thing, you need something to keep you committed.

You're able to change your habits if you want to.

You KNOW exactly what you need to change, but want help breaking old habits

You’re 100% fine, no issues and are merrily living your life - hooray!

not really, if...

Yes! iF...

Is working with me right for you?

Caroline, Cheshire

After that session, I feel like a whole new person. I am calm, I am centred and for the first time in ages, I can think clearly. I cannot thank you enough.

Vikki, Bradford

I just had to share - yesterday I actually reversed out of the McDonalds drive through! I caught my old familiar thoughts of 'I'll just get small fries' and then said NO! I realised I didn't actually want them, and drove away laughing to myself! Louisa, you are a magician, thank you so much. 

Pip, Leicester

The words 'thank you' seem so inadequate. Working with you has helped me move on from a multitude of destructive, deep rooted thoughts, beliefs and feelings, which, without your help, I would never have thought possible.