I take my work seriously... but not myself.

I help women lighten the heck up. Stop giving so much of a shit about what other people think. 
With the perfect blend of love, kindness and a bit of 'oh ffs, enough now!'

i'll teach you how to wake up in a good mood.

A bit about me


1) I’ve completed two marathons – I won’t say run, because it was very much of a hobble towards the end of both!
But I finished them both, and no, I shall never do another one.

2) I hate raw cheese. I can handle it cooked/ melted, but cold cheddar or something, eugh. No. Cheese board? Puke.

3) I love singing, so much that I set up my own choir when I couldn’t find one I loved. It saved me during a difficult break up, and provided me with a wonderful network of friends. I recommend singing to everyone.

4) I’ve been on the telly singing three times; once as the ‘entertainment’ on Come Dine with Me (which is ALWAYS being replayed, so keep an eye out for me!) and again as the choir in the Holland & Barrett Christmas advert with Gethin Jones. The last one is yet to air - I'll keep you posted :)