You know Davina don’t you.  She did that brilliant documentary, was it last year? All about the menopause. She’s been banging VERY loudly on her drum, raising huge awareness about the terrifying symptoms she experienced (she thought she had early onset alzheimers or a brain tumour). And how she had no idea what was happening […]


August 30, 2023

Please do not swear

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Grab yourself a cuppa and read up… Pain – tap on the physical sensations, rate it out of 10, and keep tapping until the number comes down Stress – figure out where in your body you feel stressed (face? head? chest?) and tap on those physical feelings. Sad memories – gently let yourself remember the […]

Lifestyle, Tapping

October 3, 2022

20 things you can use tapping for.

I have set up a Facebook group for women like you, build courage to live the life of your dreams. It’s called Courageous Women. What even is courage? Does it resonate with you? Or is it something that other people have? Psychology Today defines Courage as ”  a kind of strength, power or resolve to […]

Self Development

January 23, 2020

I’m not feeling very courageous.

Courageous Lion

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