Tapping With Kids

Support your child to feel calmer, in charge of themselves and be happier

Our children are sponges. They are absorbing all the time, from us, from our extended social circle, from school

And the narrative of 'kids are resilient' is both true and untrue. 
It's true that they are capable of adapting, changing and getting on with things. 
It's untrue because more and more you're seeing alarming behaviours, worrying words and you're not sure how to help.

So, let's help them.
Properly. Not just with 'mindfulness' or 'meditation'. 

With tapping. Allow them to truly express themselves AND feel better.

Within one session, she is so much calmer!
Thank you SO much Louisa, she absolutely loved working with you - and wanted to share it with us immediately. She is more grounded and keeps saying "I like saying good things about myself"

Katie, Mum of 12 yr old girl

Kind Words

Decide how much of these habits you need to hold onto, and how much you want to let go of

Lovingly allow you to loosen the tight grip that it has on you (whilst understanding there are real valid reasons for holding it)

Figure out EXACTLY the root cause of all your issues.

My Method

I'm an ex- teacher and therefore am 100% proficient at making everything a game, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and am fluent in kid talk.

I know that talking about feelings can be scary for kids, so I'm skilled at making them feel safe enough to tell me what's going on. I'm also not afraid to ask the questions that might make you feel anxious.

It's hard to dance, with the devil on your back. So shake him off"

Dissolve any inherited beliefs that are holding you back.

Glitter bomb yourself with confidence and bravery - dissolving any inherited beliefs about life

Detox yourself of the feelings that are weighing you down, and replace with ones you do want.

The Release Experience

Lust for life, iggy pop

Breakthrough onto the shimmering path to your future.

Future proof your new life with bespoke tapping scripts

Activate the power of music to add an extra dimension to your new programming

The Recalibration Privilege

It's for you if...

It's not for you if...

• You're feeling continually frustrated with how things are going, and feel the urge to burn it all to the ground.

• You’re tired of your own bullsh*t and want support to let go of it all safely

• You KNOW you’re meant for more and are ready to grab it.

• You are happy living as you are

• You think EFT sounds like nonsense

• You’re not willing to look at your stuff, and instead prefer to ignore it.


We've not done any tapping before, does that matter?

I've not done any tapping before, does that matter?

Absolutely not.
Tapping is really quick and easy to learn, I'll demonstrate it all for you.
Plus you can't really get it wrong, I'm a good teacher!

I'm worried about what 'might come out'. What happens if my child says something that's really upsetting?

I'm worried about what 'might come out'. What happens if my child says something really upsetting?

I totally understand. Many of my clients do have a little sob, but that's only because it needs to come out. We move really quickly through any tears, and ALWAYS leave you feeling good.
In fact, most sessions they'll be laughing!
I'll make sure they're safe.

I'll also suggest that the 'upsetting' stuff really needs to be talked about. If your child was lost in the wood, you'd go find them right? It's the same if they're lost in their head - we go get them, and help them. 

Tapping is the safest and most gentle way to be the search party.

How can I help them with this stuff?

How can I help them with this stuff?