21 days to enjoying marketing with social media
Sick of shouting into the void?
No-one engaging?
That person always watching?
Bored of it being a necessary evil to your business

I KNOW, I know.
Social media can feel like a necessary evil.
Something you HAVE to do.
And maybe you've already done some training on using hashtags, or creating a ‘strategy’ around what you should be posting.

I've done that too. FFS, I even did a social media managers course, before realising I HATED ‘the rules’ which frankly change every time Zuckerberg fancies making a few more quid, or decides to ‘change the algorithm’ just for the lols.

But I decided to throw all the rule books away this year.
And focus entirely on making it feel like fun again.

I actually love it.
Do you do any of these?




Feel frustrated when you get no likes or engagement?

Procrastinate posting

Freak out about using the tech

If you:
Cannot bear the thought of dancing and pointing on reels...

Think that you're shouting into the void...

Get cross that Zuckers is sucking your soul, but you don't know what to do about it?


Get Confident with Social Media
(without feeling like it's draining your soul)

Modules Include:

Stuff the Rule Book
(yes, even if the ‘guru’s INSIST on following the rules)

Just Blinking Do It
(procrastination station - be gone)

Tech-Phobes Unite
(How to actually create a reel)

Freaking Out
(how to stop the wobbles in their tracks)

And my favourite

Oh, Piss Off Sue!
(how to give less of a shit what that person thinks)

Hi, I’m Louisa. 
Using some new thoughts, some new tactics and of course EFT... I will help get confident using social media for your business.

With a mix of pre-recorded instructional videos, some live classes and some step by step guides, you too can find social media amusing, light hearted and stop the heart palpitations when using it to find clients.

Lou, this mini course has made it so easy! And that is SUCH a relief!

Rachel Milstead
Somatic Healer
The Wisdom Share with Rachel

Kind Words

My god, the tapping in this course has just made it SO MUCH easier!
I'm no longer freaking out about getting it wrong! Thank you!

Mel Robinson
All Things Birth & Beyond

Kind Words

I just wanted to say this:
After our sessions, for the first time in a VERY long time, I feel like there is hope. 
It is truly a wonderful feeling, I can't thank you enough.

Julia, mum of 3

Kind Words

Module One

recognising what's really going on

What the hell  are you REALLY afraid of . How long have you felt like this?

We'll use powerful visualisation techniques to identify the real stuff, and find out why it's still there.

Step Two


With powerful visualisations and tapping sequences to enable your subconscious to let go of anything you don’t actually need,

Tapping allows you to let go of things holding you back from living the life you deserve,

Step Three


Now that you’ve shifted your mind from the fear, and the negativity – what do we actually want to replace it with? 

Confidence? Bravery? Self love? It’s up to you! 

It's for you if...

It's not for you if...

• You’re ready to turbo boost your confidence and your business

• You’re tired of your own bullsh*t and want support to let go of it all safely

• You KNOW you’re meant for more and are ready to get out of your own way.

• You are happy with the mindset work you’re doing

• You think EFT sounds like nonsense

• You’re not willing to look at your stuff, and instead prefer to ignore it.


I've not done any tapping before, does that matter?

I've not done any tapping before, does that matter?

Absolutely not.
Tapping is really quick and easy to learn, I'll demonstrate it all for you.
Plus you can't really get it wrong, I'm a good teacher!

I'm worried about what 'might come out'. What happens if it makes me cry?

I'm worried about what 'might come out'. What happens if it makes me cry?

I totally understand. Many of my clients do have a little sob, but that's only because it needs to come out. We move really quickly through any tears, and ALWAYS leave you feeling good.
In fact, most sessions you'll be laughing!
I'll make sure you're safe.
And actually, if there's something you really don't want to touch - we don't have to!

I've tried everything, but I think I'm un-mendable. Will tapping work for me?

I've tried everything, but I think I'm un-mendable. Will tapping work for me?